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We'd Love your Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers

11th Apr 2017

Keep collecting for Active Kids and

help us support our kids to eat well,

move well and live well. Collect

Active Kids vouchers when you shop

at Sainsbury’s, in store or online, and

donate them to us. The more we

receive, the more equipment and

experiences we’ll be able to order.

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Keep collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers for us

Dear parents,

Thanks to everyone who has already donated Active Kids vouchers. We hope

you’ll keep collecting as the more we receive, the more new cooking and sports

equipment, and experiences we can provide for our kids.

So here’s a reminder of how to take part.

You can collect vouchers from Sainsbury’s from now until 2 May

In Sainsbury’s Local Stores, you’ll get one voucher for every £5 you spend. Every

time you shop at a Sainsbury’s Supermarket, you’ll be given one voucher for

every £10 you spend at the till. Or online at, you’ll still receive the

equivalent of one voucher for every £10 you spend, but they’ll all be printed on one

piece of paper up to the value of 50 vouchers – so make sure you keep it safe.

Donate your vouchers to us by 30 June

Simply bring your vouchers into Sperrinview and drop them in our collection

box located in the foyer.  We need all voucher donations by 30 June.

After 30 June, we’ll count all the vouchers we’ve collected and then we’ll be able

to order cooking and sports equipment, and experiences. To see some of the great

things we’re collecting for, check out our Wishlist or visit

So please get all your friends and family to keep collecting vouchers for us too.

And if you have any questions about Active Kids, just ask Ruth Walker (VP), call us on 02887722467 or email us at

Keep collecting to get more kids active.